Situated in a peaceful and serene environment in Kimberley and is built on the premise and hope of reviving spirituality and bringing inner and outer peace to the individual, the family, society and the entire universe.
A place dedicated to spiritual awakening, Pink Lotus Life welcomes anyone who wishes for the well being of all sentient beings. Being a pathway to harmony, it encompasses all religions, nationalities, political and governmental views and agendas. It attempts to help resolve all conflicts peacefully, bringing the spiritual energy of all human beings to the surface regularly through our programs and activities.
As a whole, the aims and objectives of Pink Lotus Life is focused on re-igniting the energy in us to uphold the deep-rooted values of humanity. Let us extend our hearts to fulfill this mission.

Short Bio on Erusha Pillay

My compassion and commitment to improving and enhancing the lives of others has led me to start PINK LOTUS LIFE. I wanted to learn as much as I could about alternative forms of healing. I realized that Reiki and Meditation techniques was my calling and I researched the best teachers to train me.
In March 2013 I became an Angel & Ascension Teacher with the Angel Connection School of Africa. My teacher is Margi McAlpine who is the founder & principle of the school. I have been taught how to facilitate workshops to educate people on working with the Angels & Archangels, keeping our Chakras aligned & balanced, as well as learning about our Ascension path & working with the Ascended Masters.

My compassion, patience, gentle personality, and commitment have proven to be a gift to my clients, enhancing their overall experience.
I've always had a desire and passion to give and take care of others. Prior to my Reiki training, I received a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Psychology & Marketing from UKZN - In August 2012 I became a Reiki practioner taught by Reiki Master Sue Van Heerden.

Our lives are so hectic that very few people actually make time for themselves. Doing the Reiki courses as well my Angel & Ascension course has taught me to focus & take care of myself in order for me to be of any assistance to others. These courses have completely changed my attitude towards everything I say & do especially not to judge others. They way we approach any situation we are faced with will determine whether the outcome will be positive or negative. Every person has the ability to do good & be good at all times irrespective of what is going on in their lives. The meditations done on a regular basis gives us a sense of peace and it is also encourages us to allocate some time to ourselves for reflection & understanding. I make sure that at every workshop we do the Chakra Alignment meditation because as long as our Chakras are cleansed & balanced we will be able perform our day to day tasks effectively.

Grounding & Protection

Feel the roots grow out from under your feet into the ground below you, to the centre of the earth.

Wrap your roots around a Black Obsidian Crystal and feel them fill up with Golden light.

Feel this golden light go up through the roots and flow up through your Base chakra, your Sacral chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Heart chakra, Throat chakra, Third eye chakra and out through your Crown chakra.

You feel the wonderful energy in the palms of your hands...

Dear God, Holy Spirit, Ascended Masters & the Angels please ground and protect me and my loved ones.

Engulf me in your beautiful Golden light.

Feel Archangel Michael who is standing on your right, cast a luminous light of protection with his sword and put his Royal Blue cloak of protection around your shoulders and over your head protecting your crown & third eye chakras.

Ask St. Germaine who is standing infront of you to burn a path with his Golden Silver Violet Flame to transmute any negativity.

So be it, it is done.

Erusha Pillay
Pink Lotus Life

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